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 ABOUT Lunula

In Detail

Lunula Laser® is the revolutionary low-level laser therapy bringing new hope to people suffering from the painful, discolored and disfigured toenails associated with onychomycosis, or nail fungus. Unlike other treatments, Lunula Laser® promises no pain, no risk and no downtime and is the easy, convenient way to experience healthy, clear nails again.The Lunula Laser® laser kills fungus that lives in and under the toenail. The laser light passes through the nail without causing damage to it or the surrounding skin. Safe and effective, the Lunula Laser® poses none of the risk and harmful side effects of oral anti-fungal medications. Plus, this convenient in-office procedure typically takes only minutes to perform, with absolutely no recovery time required. In fact, only four 12-minute sessions are needed to treat the affected area.


Stop suffering the pain and embarrassment of unsightly nail fungus, and enjoy clear, beautiful nails today. Check out our before and after page for real cases and results.

WHY Lunula?


Lunula combines two therapeutically beneficial wavelengths: 405 and 635 nm. Each wavelength is capable of stimulating a specific cascade to effectively and safely treat onychomycosis. Both wavelengths are enriched by a proprietary, rotating line-generated beam; a unique delivery mechanism that maximizes photon concentration and treatment surface area – ensuring that all infected toes are properly treated. As a result, the Lunula provides a treatment absent of any adverse events while inducing key pathways to effectively address unsightly onychomycosis.The 635 nm wavelength stimulates cytochrome c oxidsase (CCO), an important enzyme necessary for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and reactive oxygen species (ROS). Increased ATP activates PI3 kinase/eNOS signaling pathways, which increases nitric oxide (NO) production. NO is critical for new blood vessel formation increasing nutrient delivery and infiltration of immunological cells. Additionally, NO is a powerful antimicrobial agent, and will help destroy the infectious agent. For resident macrophages and neutrophils, two types of immune cells, the increased production of ROS is quickly converted into cytotoxic hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is used by the immune cells to destroy onychomycosis-causing fungus.

Recent Research

A recent study indicated that Onychomycosis is the single most difficult problem for podiatric and dermatological physicians to diagnose and treat.  This objective 500 patient study carried out by Sullivan/O’Flynn has reached its 18 month conclusion and Robert Sullivan shared the data at the recent COP Exhibition in Bournemouth UK. Intervension using Lunula Laser on 500 patient subjects  over 18 months with only 4 treatment protocols has shown to be 90% effective. Please click on the video to watch the presentation.

Clnically Proven?


Lunula’s clinical utility for the treatment of onychomycosis has been substantiated by two independent clinical investigations. It is important to mention that neither nail debridement nor topical/oral antifungals were administered during the studies. The first study evaluated 168 toes with an average baseline disease involvement of 81.15%. After a single Lunula treatment, disease involvement was reduced to 31.32% at study endpoint, an improvement in nail clarity of 63.58%. The second study, which was a FDA directed study, evaluated 105 toes, or 75 subjects, after four Lunula treatments separated by a single week. Subjects reported an average clear nail of 73.79% and 79.75% at post-procedure months 3 and 6, respectively. This was a statistically significant change compared with the average 43.4% clear nail measured at baseline. Equally important, the clinical responses observed in both trials were achieved without a single adverse event.

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